Record your podcast in style at our video-focused studio with three different sets; our multiple furniture options allow for any set-up to be changed upon demand! Our design will give your podcast the luxury and cinematic visuals your brand needs for the next level.

We include an engineer with every session to conduct sound checks, record your podcast (audio/video) and customize your chosen set design.

Our professional video switcher will record and edit multi-camera shoots in real-time. You will be given a final edited file at the end of your session.

Say goodbye to editing your video podcast. Leave the cuts and bruises to us at MVEMNT Studio, where we live edit your show as if it were a live TV show! When you’re done with your studio session, walk out the door with an edited show file knowing there will be no post-production work needed. Our service comes without any surprises or hidden fees attached.

$150 Per Hour (Audio/Single Angle Video)
$300 Monthly Membership (Includes: 4 Hours Audio/Single Angle Video) 50% SAVING

$250 Per Hour (Audio/Multi-Angle Video)
$500 Monthly Membership (Includes: 4 Hours Audio/Multi-Angle Video) 50% SAVING


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