Here is where everything comes together. Fiery flavor, sweet harmony, vibrant culture, and ever-present energy. Here is where a new world opens as the door behind you closes. Here is where the only thing more generous than the welcome is the pour. 

Here is a place of constant connection, occasional mayhem, and undeniable mystique. 

Here has just one address, but resides within all of us

Tiffany Jones, CEO and Founder of Divine Healing LLC

Divine Healing LLC is a consulting agency that specializes in mindfulness and self-care practices and case management services. Our Mindfulness services include individual and group Mindfulness and Meditation sessions that consist of client-centered therapeutic approaches, tools, and resources, specialized to meet the needs of each client. To enhance our clients’ self-care we provide an Aromatherapy Collection full of handmade luxury products that are guaranteed to provide our clients with a tranquilizing and relaxing effect and environment. These products include Luxury Soy-Wax Candles and Premium Wax Melts and Shea Butter Cream with CBD and Essential Oils. The Case Management services include free consultations to help clients obtain wraparound services, such as housing, immigration services, and elderly care. All of Divine Healing’s services and products are designed to revitalize and maintain the well-being and mental health of our clients.

Divine Healing LLC specializes in providing clients with the proper tools and support to improve their personal development. We also have a keen interest in adolescents and elderly individuals, as children are “Our future” and elderly individuals are “Our foundation”. The values of Divine Healing LLC align with our saying, “Be Mindful, be great, be healthy”, as we strive to teach our clients the importance of mindfulness and how it influences greatness, which promotes healthy well-being. Divine Healing LLC reaches this goal by providing quality care and support to our clients who trust that our services will allow them to thrive.

Please find our Linktree to schedule a Free Consultation or Appointment and to visit our Online Store or Social Media Accounts. 

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Mélange (French: “mixing”) is a story about mixture and the careful harmony of flavors, ingredients, and techniques from around the world. Born in Ethiopia, trained in France, and now famous for his triple-blend burger, Chef Elias Taddesse’s new restaurant Mélange builds on his iconic burger with new classics inspired by his Ethiopian heritage. As the city reopens, Mélange will expand with an East-African infused cocktail menu and chef tasting menus of Ethiopian-infused fine French cuisine.

Gem Wear is an activewear line focused on making individuals fee comfortable in their look while working towards their dream bodies and fitness goals.  Every collection focuses on a new gem to highlight different qualities in designs and our customers who wear them. 

Jennifer Jiggetts is our Founder and Chief Creative Officer. She started making jewelry when she was 8-years-old and never stopped. Her ultimate mission is to create joyful moments for her customers and to embolden marginalized communities through entrepreneurship and economic empowerment

Where food meets fashion, Stop Smack’n Restaurant & Lounge is a brand new ambiance the city has never seen before, featuring southern (Louisiana) and Caribbean cuisine.

With multiple dining areas, you can choose your adventure — Chill at the bar. Grab a bite in the dining room. Spice it up in the vault room.

Exclusive to 7th Flat residents, enjoy the breeze & view from the rooftop.

Two deejay booths. Oyster bar. Vegan options.

Valet parking available / Minutes away from Shaw-Howard Metro.

We provide premium CBD & Gifted THC same-day delivery service in the Washington D.C. area and aim to expand our selection of locally produced goods for the community.

DC mom based printing company transforming your design concepts into custom personal & business creations.


Kids water bottles


Pillow pockets



Luggage covers

Weekend bags


Door mats





Santa sacks and more.

If you can dream it, we can make it.

*No minimum orders required*

CYCLED! Indoor Cycling classes offer a fat-blasting, full-body workout intense cardio. This workout is designed to challenge your endurance and maximize your caloric burn. CYCLED! Indoor Cycling is infused with intensity, but still suitable for all skill levels.