30+ Captions From Rick Ross’ ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’

my biggest flaw is lack of modesty – Ross, Little Havana

You could pat me down but I got it regardless – Ross, Little Havana

I got the city on my back and that’s just what it is – Ross, Little Havana

Just love and loyalty by any means – The Dream, Little Havana

Still be touchin’ the white, talkin’ that Bubba Sparxxx – Ross, Pulitzer

Instagram should take down your page for all those counterfeits – Ross, Pulitzer

Confidential but these bitches know they place – Ross, Rapper Estates

I know you wanna take it, so that’s why I wear it – Benny The Butcher, Rapper Estates

In this book of life, you can’t skip pages – Benny The Butcher, Rapper Estates

I’m at the fork in the road, which way, Hov or Ma$e? – Ross, Rapper Estates

Things that I can manifest, now I’m makin’ all the chips – Ross, Marathon

Envy won’t be tolerated, so let’s cut this conversation – Ross, Marathon

Falcon, big Willie with all the assets – Ross, Warm Words in a Cold World

Fairy tale, this nigga living so lavish – Ross, Warm Words in a Cold World

I make them jawns get it together like seven-oh-two – Wale, Warm Words in a Cold World

She compliment the swag, make a nigga feel imperial – Future, Warm Words in a Cold World

Emilio Pucci gon’ have a bitch splashy
Let her ride foreign just so she won’t be tacky – Future, Warm Words in a Cold World

Wrist bussin’, disgusting, my shit is frostbit – DreamDoll, Wiggle

Ms. Mamas in that Maybach – DreamDoll, Wiggle

On a big yachty, no a little boat  – DreamDoll, Wiggle

I gotta giggle at nigga who not official – DreamDoll, Wiggle

I’ma always get some money, can’t be a broke nigga – Yungeen Ace, Can’t Be Broke

You ain’t killin’ nigga, why your nose in it?
You ain’t ridin’ nigga, why you road in it? – Ross, Can’t Be Broke

From food stamps to stamps on the passport – Blxst, Made it Out Alive

Tryna be a star, I had to earn my stripes – Blxst, Made it Out Alive

Full of hatred, then come the questions, is the family Satan? – Ross, Made it Out Alive

I’m still a ruby boy, movin’ unruly, boy – Ross, Made it Out Alive

I wanna see my dawgs on the mountain tops – Ross, Outlawz

So fuck where you from and fuck what you sold
Watch how you come or watch how it go – Ross, Imperial High

Money through the roof, it’s falling through the sky – Ross, Imperial High

A rich nigga but you can pay for the chemistry – Ross, Hella Smoke

I told you to keep it real, now we the winning team – Ross, Hella Smoke

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