4 Lessons About Friendship We’ve Learned From Insecure

Many of you out there are fighting back the tears as we power through this last season on Insecure. But don’t worry, because Issa Rae and her team are not leaving us empty-handed. 

Insecure has taken us through a lot these last seasons, and if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that the HBO show has taught us a lot about friendship. So dry your tears because here are a few parting gifts of wisdom about friendship you can take away from Molly and Issa’s story: 

1. Letting go of the past is key.

If there’s one thing about Issa and Molly (mainly Molly, but who’s counting?), it’s that they both love to hold each other’s past against the other. However, the two failed to realize that their grudges against each other only led to resentment. So try to avoid almost fist-fighting your bestie Issa-and-Molly style by learning to let go of the past and forgive your friends for their wrongdoings! 

2. Friendship will evolve, and that’s okay. 

Issa and Molly have had lots of ups and downs since season one, and it’s always been interesting to watch how their friendship adjusts each time. Because when two people have been friends for a long time, it’s natural for conflict to occur or for you both to evolve as people. The most important thing is that you both are willing to pivot with the changes. 

3. Communicate first, be in your feelings later.

The big fallout in season four was really just an accumulation of frustration from Molly and Issa. If the two had talked out their problems earlier, likely, the dramatic scene at Issa’s block party wouldn’t have even happened. While no one is saying healthy confrontation is easy, one conversation could potentially save an entire friendship from going downhill, so do it sooner than later! 

4. Sometimes friendships are just for a season. 

We still don’t know how Molly and Issa’s story will end, but one thing is for sure: their love and loyalty for each other were never wasted or in vain—even if they aren’t friends till the end.

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