4 Truth’s About Gentrification

Written By I. Morman

Ever felt like you were walking through the District, and it felt like the land before time? Chances are you have what urban enthusiasts commonly refer to as “gentrification.” Young hipsters and developers are steadily taking over the rich culture and nostalgic feelings of struggling neighborhoods one block at a time.

1.    Charter Schools. A good education is crucial for teaching the youth, but at what cost? Developers are coming into neighborhoods demolishing once-prestigious institutions moving our troubled youth out of ‘new’ communities.

2.    Displacement. Longtime residents are paying the cost of moving from influential neighborhoods to being displaced in boroughs where their roots no longer lie. It is rare to have individuals residing in their original communities and not be replaced with local coffee shops and juice bars.

3. Property Price Increases. What once was reasonable housing prices is proving to be monumental and almost impossible for millennials to purchase. Millennials may like visiting the newfound pop-up shops, but not the influx in prices that have caused everyone to rent. Therefore, the cost of ownership literally seems to cost you an arm, leg, or roommates.

4.    The Suffering of Local Business. Nostalgic memories flood our minds as we recall the late-night eateries and corner stores. Sadly, these stores have closed or held on by a single thread due to Gentrification. The few stores that can remain stable struggle to cater to the new neighbors.

The preservation of our historic neighborhoods is still feasible. To preserve our beloved city, the use of community outreach and Black ownership is needed. The use of local Black funding will save our neighborhoods and provide housing for the natives that made the District forthcoming. 

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