5 Signs Your Grooming is a Miss and Not a Hit

Written By I. Morman

You may be the fly guy in the streets and have all the local chicks swooning over your charm and good looks, but what about your grooming regimen? Don’t be the guy who isn’t prepared to give heat in the summer when it comes to looking the part.

  1. YOUR SCENT GOES A LONG WAY. Knowing the essence of cologne and what doesn’t work with your pheromones is critical for picking out that scent that leaves the ladies intrigued. Often, men are still out and about wearing fall/winter scents in the summer. Don’t be that guy! Visit your local fragrance counter to set you up for the win.
  2. CLAWS HAVE MERCY. Believe it or not your, hands speak volumes about your hygiene regimen. A manicure has never hurt anybody! Plus, it costs less than your average glass of cognac.
  3. DESIGNER SHOES ON ROUGH FEET. Summer means pool party season… go get a pedicure! Nine times out of ten, us men have never had a pedicure. Welcome to the 21st century, where it is socially acceptable to take care of yourself.
  4. WEEKLY HAIRCUTS OR SHAPE-UPS. Looking the part means having the crisp lineup to match. A consistent weekly cut or shave is what sets us, men, apart from the boys.
  5. TO ‘MANSCAPE’ OR NOT TO ‘MANSCAPE. ’ If you aren’t ‘manscaping,’ I feel bad for you, son! Less is more when it comes to the hair down under. Just know hair holds odor, and you don’t want to be the one rocking the bush with the swim trunks.

Don’t worry; some of these grooming techniques may seem new to you, but know it is worth the investment. Besides, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Hence the rise of men’s grooming lounges.


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