5 Ways to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

Here’s the truth. Sometimes relationships, especially ones you’ve been in a long time, can get boring. Once your honeymoon phase has passed, and the butterflies have settled, you’ll have to put real effort into keeping your relationship spicy and exciting. You and your partner can liven up your relationship by doing these five simple things: 

1. Prioritize date night. 

Quality time is vital in keeping a relationship alive! Date night is the perfect time to reconnect with your significant other and create intimacy in your relationship, so schedule it into your calendar if you have to. Don’t skip it, and do some research to find interesting date night ideas. 

2. Don’t take each other for granted. 

This is the quickest way to kill a relationship. Practice gratitude, and aim to tell your partner when they’re doing things right more often than when they’re doing something wrong. It’s easy to become blind to someone right in front of you, so be sure to be intentional about thanking your SO. 

3. Learn to communicate effectively. 

Chances are, you and your partner don’t share the same communication styles all the time, so you’ll have to learn how to communicate healthily and assertively with one another. It’ll be a learning curve, but healthy communication will save you many avoidable arguments. 

4. Limit your distractions. 

Do you ever get into bed with your laptop or find your partner scrolling through their phone during a movie? It’s annoying for both parties, so just put away all distractions when you’re spending quality time together. No distractions mean more time to deepen you all’s connection and intimacy. 

5. Do something new together. 

Spontaneity and excitement are the two tried-and-true keys to keeping the spark alive in a relationship. Doing something exciting that one or both of you have never done is an excellent way to get to know each other better and create an unforgettable memory together. 

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship isn’t easy necessarily, but you can do it by following those five simple tips. Of course, it takes commitment, time, and effort to keep a relationship lively, but if it’s worth it, you shouldn’t be afraid to put in the work! 

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