‘Budget It Yourself’ by Xavier Epps

Learn more about D.C.’s newest author that’s sharing his financial secrets to wealth accumulation through practical budgeting! Xavier Epps of ‘Budget It Yourself‘ offers guidance on how to take a financial situation and decompress it so that readers can reconnect only the most essential elements of their finances to assist in a renewed managerial skillset over money. 

The book is split into three major sections 1) Understanding Your Taxes 2) Understanding Debts and Your Credit 3) Creating and Keeping a Budget.

Within this book, readers will also find real-life, relevant tips and tricks and advice about financial management geared towards helping you understand that learned behavior. 

Making the Charts

#1 New Release in Personal Budgeting

#1 New Release in Money Management

#6 New Release in 90-Minute Business & Money Short Reads

#15 New Release in Budgeting & Money Management

#25 Best Seller in Personal Budgeting

#60 Best Seller in Personal Taxes

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Xavier’s lifelong passion has always been to help families all over! He’s the youngest of five and father to five of his own rambunctious bunch. As the CEO of a ten-plus-year-old financial services corporation, he’s fulfilling such a passion. XNE Financial Advising, LLC has more than 1,000 clients, managed $18.4+ million in incomes and revenues, and processed more than 1,500 tax returns that equaled well over $170 million in taxable incomes. The corporation is a certified minority-owned business enterprise specializing in financial plans, business bookkeeping, and wealth accumulation strategies.

XNE Financial Advising LLC

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