Find Discount Flights with This AI-Powered Flight Finder

The average cost of a “good deal” round-trip domestic flight for June 2022 was $398. Yep, and this summer, it’s going to be even more costly. But don’t worry – we’ve got an answer. Meet OneAir, an AI-powered flight scanner that is the answer to your prayers. 

OneAir has three membership options – Basic (Free), Premium ($29 Yearly), and Elite ($79 Yearly). The AI scans millions of fares in real time and sends them straight to your inbox or phone – so no more manually searching for flights! 

When you search for flights, all you have to do is select your departing airports. OneAir will do all the searching and send curated notifications for flights leaving from your preferred airport or set for a specific destination. So keep checking your inbox periodically to stay updated with the best deals! And once you find the perfect flight, you can book it through the OneAir app. 

OneAir works best for planners who want to plan their trips a few months ahead. It’s perfect for your international trips to Greece or Tulum. 

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to exclusive deals, thanks to their AI-powered flight scanning tech. With a few clicks, you’ll snag the best deals and be jetting off to your destination in no time. What’s not to love?

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