SneakerMat: DMV’s Premier Sneaker Cleaning Service

Written By Isaac Morman (Updated By AK)

Rest in peace to those sneakers you thought could never be brought back to life. From limited-release Nikes to the icy white soles on the Space Jam 11s, SneakerMat can resurrect your sneakers from the dead. SneakerMat is a local DMV favorite specializing in sneaker necessities.

Founded by Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Zimmerman in 2017, SneakerMat has grown to become the DMV’s premier sneaker cleaning, restoration, and repairs company. In April 2021, SneakerMat opened its first storefront location to customers, and it’s no surprise that the company boomed, cleaning over 2000 pairs of sneakers within its first year.

Nathan Hawkins and Aaron Zimmerman

Expansion is a sign of a growing business, and it is no different for SneakerMat. The company is opening a new storefront location in Northern Virginia in April 2022.

We asked Nate what the phrase “Shoes speak louder than words.” means to him, and here’s his answer, “Most people notice the shoes you have on from afar before any exchange of dialogue. A dope shoe, may that be a fresh pair of Jordans, the newest Yeezy, or a pair of women’s Christian Louboutin’s, speaks [to] your style, who you are as a person.”

SneakerMat offers the following services:

• Standard cleaning. This service includes a deep cleaning to the midsole and the upper sole (Note: interior of the shoes, not included- your shoes aren’t a car homie.)
• Oxidation removal. If your sneakers are looking like a pair of buttas (classic Timbs for my non-Northerner friends) by the sole, no need to worry; they’ll be back to beam in no time. The oxidation occurs on the soles/midsoles of sneakers due to storing in areas without AC control and exposure to too much light.
• Full Service. Think of this service as the red carpet treatment of sneakers. This full service will bring those original laces back to life and include the deep cleaning that’ll have your kicks looking like the OG unboxing clips you see on YouTube channels worldwide. For those ‘sneaker heads’ that have taken of whiff of their sneakers and saw a glimpse of the afterlife, the deodorizing techniques will have your kicks smelling so fresh & so clean-clean.
• Paint Repair. If your OG or retro sneakers look anything like mine, the cracks in the leather are a sight for sore eyes. Like adding new paint to a classic car, the paint repair service will cover touch-ups to the complete sole of your kicks.

For pricing inquiries, check out the site at or pull up to their storefront in Hyattsville, MD. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed! Just when I thought I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite sneakers, SneakerMat came along to help my kicks, and I walked again.

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