4 Places to Stay In Shape That Aren’t The Gym!

Written By Daryl Eboni 

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or your gym junkie, cardio is somewhere in your weekly routine. Fitness classes are an enjoyable way to burn calories and maintain body composition without being redundant. So forget about counting reps or having perfect form – just moving your body and enjoying the class can be all you need to maintain results! 

Here are a few places in the DMV area – open to all skill levels – guaranteed to ignite your workout and blow your current full-body routine out of the water:  

BOOMBOX Boxing Club

If you don’t know how to throw a punch, BOOMBOX can definitely teach you. In a single 50 min studio session, you’ll learn the proper footwork and how to shadowbox from trainers like Angela “AJ Boomin” or Reggie “Jefe.” Once you master the basics, you’ll start punching the aqua bag to the beat of the trainer’s personalized playlist – which ranges from Urban/Hip-Hop to Alternative Rock/EDM. Each session rounds out with a full-body kettlebell circuit that leaves your muscles shaking! 

Founded by Angela Jennings and Reggie Smith 

Located in the Navy Yard 

Pole Pressure 

A pole dancing class needs no introduction, but the ladies will need more than just a pair of exotic heels to endure one of these classes. A true test of your upper body and core strength – no doubt. Beginner and floor routine-only classes are available, and when you’re ready, the aerial classes are waiting for you to really show off! Instructors like Devin and Jeannine are experts at teaching the necessary techniques to boost your confidence and show you a few new moves to impress your partner! 

Founder Devon Williams 

Located in Logan Circle

Cycled Studios

You better have your mind right before walking into a Cycled! session. This spin class will test your endurance at every turn! Each 45 min session will challenge you to push yourself beyond your limits, but you’ll be surprised at how superhuman you feel leaving the Takoma Park location. Cycled! currently offers indoor and outdoor spin classes. And if you’re feeling artsy, you can try a Cycled! Barre session – which includes a blended workout of ballet, pilates, and yoga. 

Founded by Shayla Cornick

Located in Silver Spring

Sweat DC 

If you ever wanted to train like a pro athlete, here’s your chance. Sweat DC offers HIIT and strength training sessions in small group and boot camp settings. These circuits leave no room for slacking; you either go hard or go home! With a spacious Columbia Heights location, Sweat DC has the capacity to support its clients. If you’re a trainer looking to grow, independent trainers are allowed to shine by applying to use the Sweat DC resources to train and build your clientele. 

Founded by Gerard Burley

Located in Columbia Heights

Skip the treadmill this week, grab a friend, and book a class instead! 

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