5 Tips for Protecting Your Hair During Fall

Fall season is here and we’re totally here for it! The chilly weather, the holidays, and the festivities are A-MA-ZING! But…Fall season has its cons, especially when it comes to our hair. Cool temperatures and strong winds can actually cause a bit of damage to our tresses. That’s the last thing we need! No need to worry though, we’re giving you five simple tips that will help you maintain healthy hair during Fall. Let’s get into it⇩.

Tip #1: Keep your hair and scalp clean

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We know that the cold weather may discourage you from wanting to wash your hair but sometimes you have to make sacrifices, sis. Washing your hair at least once every two weeks will get the job done. It’s so important that you keep your hair and scalp clear from dirt and product build-up. Clean hair grows better, smells better, and is easier to style.

Tip #2: Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.

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Following after tip #1, you need to moisturize your hair after you’re done cleansing it. Once you shampoo and condition, make sure to use a leave-in conditioner. No, a regular wash out conditioner cannot be used as a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner is specifically made to be left in so it can moisturize and protect your hair from harmful environmental factors. Also, deep conditioners work amazing at keeping your hair moisturized but it’s important to know that you should not deep condition every wash day. Doing too many deep conditioning treatments frequently can lead to moisture overload. Only deep condition if your hair is in need of a deeply penetrating and moisturizing treatment. We recommend deep conditioning no more than once a month. 

Tip #3: Do protective styles

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Protective styles like box braids, wigs, weaves, twists, faux locs are so perfect for the Fall season. These styles will keep your ends protected (if installed & maintained properly) and they’ll prevent you from constantly manipulating your hair. Just make sure that your ends aren’t split before putting in protective styles! Split ends never stop splitting and putting in a protective style will not repair them, you just have to cut them off. 

Tip #4: Use heat properly 

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If you’re a part of the natural hair community, you’ve probably been swayed into thinking heat is bad. We’re just here to tell you that heat itself isn’t bad or damaging, you just have to use heat tools properly. Fall is a great time to get a silk press (as long as it doesn’t rain a lot in your area). If done and maintained properly, it can last for a whole month. This style is low-manipulation and it’s easy to preserve, especially during Fall because you will not sweat out your hair due to warm weather. Even if you don’t want to straighten your hair, you should still use a blowdryer, diffuser, or hooded dryer to set your hair. Walking around with wet or damp hair during cold weather is a big no no! 

Tip #5: Cover/Wrap Your Hair

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If it’s extremely windy outside where you’re located, it’s best to put on a beautiful headwrap like the picture above. The wind is not very hair-friendly; the constant wind blows can damage your hair, especially if you don’t have it in a style where your ends are hidden. If you’re not interested in covering your hair outside, that’s totally fine; just make sure to seal and protect your ends using a length retention oil or butter. While you’re at home, make sure to wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf. Tossing and turning during your sleep can damage your hair without a proper scarf protecting it plus your head may even get cold without one so make sure you’re using a scarf at night, love!

You’ve reached the end of this article! We hope you found it extremely helpful. Stay tuned for future blog posts♡.

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