5 Types of Men to Avoid in 2022

Dating in the twenty-first century feels more and more like playing Russian Roulette with your heart with every year that passes by. We know it may seem hopeless in the dating pool right now, but you’ve got to keep the faith! 

The key to dating in these murky waters is knowing what types of guys to avoid so that you can better guard your heart. While it can be difficult to snuff out who’s Mr. Wrong, there are some clues you can look for. Keep reading for five types of men you’ll want to avoid and some telltale signs to help you spot them…

Mr. Wrong #1: The insecure one. 

If he’s intimidated by your #blackgirlinluxury status or your success, period, then you should run the opposite way. Look out for behaviors like talking about his accomplishments non-stop, never acknowledging yours, or being openly uncomfortable when discussing your success. 

Mr. Wrong #2: The mama’s boy. 

Save yourself the trouble of competing with another woman by looking out for the guy who always runs every life decision by his mother or even compares you to her. 

Mr. Wrong #3: The egomaniac. 

Sigh. Another man who thinks the world revolves around him? If he never tires of talking about himself, that’s your sign. 

Mr. Wrong #4: The cheapskate.  

Listen, there is nothing wrong with not being where you want to be financially. But if a man is asking you out on a date and then asking you not to order anything too expensive, here’s a reminder that you don’t have to settle for that. Find a man who can meet you where you are! 

Mr. Wrong #5: The controlling one. 

Don’t mistake a man’s overbearingness for care. It’ll start small with him deciding where you all go and what you do, and then it’ll grow into him controlling who you see and how you spend your free time! 

Here’s the thing about dating: sometimes you just have to go with your gut feeling. If your instincts tell you to get out of there, nine times out of ten, you should listen and get out of there! Be safe, ladies. 

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