7 Ways Black Men Can Celebrate Black Women During Women’s History Month

 Women’s History Month isn’t just for the girls. Everybody can get in on the celebration and should. This is a special month not only to commemorate the past contributions of women in history, but it’s the perfect time to honor the women in your life today. So if you need some ideas, keep reading because here are seven ways Black men can celebrate Black women during Women’s History Month: 

1. Support a Black-woman-owned business. 

Put your money where your mouth is and show a Black-woman-owned business some love. You can show your support by making a purchase or by putting your friends on to their business. 

2. Educate yourself. 

To celebrate this important month, take some time to learn how women’s history and the issues that affect Black women to this day. 

3. Use your voice to spread awareness. 

As a man, it’s probably not rare to be around other men from time to time who don’t respect women, so speak up and put these people in their place. 

Black women can’t do all the advocating themselves. 

4. Show your gratitude. 

A straightforward way to celebrate Women’s History Month is by treating the Black women in your life to something special. If you’re grateful for them, show them—don’t just say it. 

5. Read a book written by a Black woman. 

Branch out of your usual author picks and grab a book by a Black female author! 

6. Listen carefully. 

Probably the best gift you could give to Black women is a listening ear. They often go ignored and unheard in society, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hear them when they speak and listen deeply! 

7. Let them know you’ve got their back.
Protect Black women is the motto every day. To show your love to the Black women in your life, communicate that you’re here for them. Maybe you don’t see this enough or at all, and this month is the perfect time to start. 

How will you celebrate the Black women in your life this Women’s History Month?

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