August Horoscopes

Written By Kiara Kitchen

Hello August! The sun is in Leo, and we are feeling extra fiery and bright this month. The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place on August 12. The New Moon takes place in Virgo on August 27. The month of August brings positivity and a creative flow! Let your intuition guide you to where you want to be. Your mind may be unusually active this month, embrace it. 

Aries, our fiery and outspoken friends. Use your strong will to stand up for yourself whenever you feel overshadowed. Your horoscope predicts that there may be some trouble brewing communication-wise. With Jupiter in retrograde from now until November, you may have to be patient on the things you have been working so hard towards. However, your love life is looking hot, so look forward to pleasure in bed. This month will challenge you but always search for the silver linings.

Taurus, August is a positive month for you! It is an ideal time to start new habits or follow through on plans you’ve had for a while. Your relationship will remain healthy as long as you both continue honest communication with each other. Be sure not to hide away amid uncomfortable conversations. Find ways to communicate your feelings, and you will likely find your words in the wake of the New Moon in Virgo on August 27. You are known for being dependable, so the universe may give back to you somehow. Life will steadily get easier for you, just stay busy and remain your honest self.

Gemini, you are the jack of all trades and this month is no different! You may find yourself bouncing from project to project but be cautious not to find yourself with multiple unfinished projects. Thanks to Jupiter in retrograde, you may find success in your career and money in your bank account. Now, the month won’t go by without a little work on your end. Your horoscope is calling for you to work on your communication skills. You may face some misunderstandings in your personal life, but it’s nothing open communication can’t fix!

Cancer, don’t use retail therapy for emotional relief this month. You may find yourself falling back into old slipping habits to scratch an itch. Don’t do this! Your horoscope is asking you to practice financial responsibility . August is a little chaotic for you, Cancer. There are predictions of conflict in personal relationships. Be mindful of your language when speaking to loved ones, even when you’re hurt. It’s critical not to be defeated by emotional turmoil this month! Give yourself a moment to feel but get back up and get to work. You are emotionally aware of this retrograde. It’s the best time to set boundaries and cut-off loose ends. 

Leo, this season is yours! With it, you bring so much light and sunshine! You are one-of-a-kind, and your solar return will be especially fun this year. You will likely be socially active at the beginning of the month – take every opportunity to network. This season you are full of inspiration! Let your bright mind guide you to these places you’ve been dying to go. Your horoscope predicts that this month, you may finally go through with overdue plans. You are even unusually open to a different point of view this month. Learning ambiguity is in store for you. Enjoy your season, lions!

Virgo, August will feel like a nice breath of fresh air compared to the previous month. Be thankful for this! You will likely feel more connected with your spirituality this month. You may also find yourself in good economic standing. Besides stomach issues, you truly have a beautiful month ahead. Like always, you will feel the need to reorganize things. Just try not to let little things get on your nerves. This month may test your patience in little ways. You may crave a particular order. Stay focused on the positive things in front of you, and the small inconveniences will roll right off your back.

Libras, this month asks you to recall healthy experiences. Appreciate them all and use them as motivations. August will bring progress in your career, but not without hard work. Your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses makes you ideal for any job. Your love life may require you set boundaries. Your personal space is especially important to you. Be kind to yourself and others as you balance frustrations. Libras, you are the most well-rounded of the signs. Use your flexibility to get yourself into higher positions. Believe in yourself!

Scorpio, your love life is just as spicy as your personality this month! Your horoscope sees the fun in your bedroom. Keep it light and explore what pleases you. The stars are in control, your emotions flow like water. Let them flow and move on. Your finances are looking good this month. Continue having a positive mindset throughout the month. This is what keeps you going through any circumstance this retrograde puts you in. Get out there and meet people! The Full Moon should bring you good luck in relationship bonding.

Sagittarius, the explorer. As usual, you will explore this month. Physically, you may find yourself in nature- connecting with the earth. Mentally, you may find yourself exploring new ways of thinking, or what you could do better in the future. You are on the right path. Be sure to express yourself. If you cannot find the words to say, write them. Don’t let those fiery emotions burn you up! Steer clear of rash decisions- sit down when you’re worked up. You may have to get through some headaches, but the New Moon at the end of the month will bring a new perspective.

Capricorn, this is a month of change. There are probably some old habits you have to kick and it’s starting to feel like now or never. There is power in the Full Moon this month. Liberate yourself! Only entertain meaningful conversations. Now is not really the time for nonsense, you have a lot of analyzing to do- both internally and externally. Stay dedicated to your mental growth. You have been doing well so far! You have a reputation for always putting your best foot forward. You keep showing up for yourself like a boss.

Aquarius, this is a pretty rocky month for you. You likely feel like you have taken on more than you can handle. Take a step back and give yourself time to figure it out. The good news is that you will be able to work through problems in your relationship! Be patient through the arguing because eventually, you will find a way to see eye to eye. You crave exploration. Get out there! You may feel cranky when you are spending more time working than having fun. Remember, your finances are in a good position so at the least it’s paying off.

Pisces, you are the main character this month. Make yourself happy by any means. Don’t settle. Be kind to your friends in family. This month is looking up for you Pisces! This month you are growing and learning to appreciate the lessons from your past mistakes. Growing from your resentment is a hard task and you are doing it. Be proud of yourself! Unfortunately, your sex life is not looking too good this month. That’s okay! Your horoscope still sees prosperity in the month of August for you.

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