Haters Gonna Hate: How to Handle Being Hated On Or Downplayed

You can’t have it all. 

Success always comes with a price, and unfortunately, that price usually includes people who are dismissive of your accomplishments or jealous. And even though you may already know it’s challenging to be both successful and well-liked—you’re still human, and receiving hate can definitely hurt. 

However, you can use this hate to fuel your motivation and not dampen it, and here are a few ways how: 

1. Recognize that having haters means you’re doing something right. 

People aren’t going to hate unless you’ve given them something to hate on, so you should be patting yourself on the back right now. I know it probably doesn’t feel great, but use this as an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved and what you’re great at. 

2. Use this as a time to self-evaluate. 

Yes, your hater’s critiques aren’t rooted in anything positive, but you should stay on top of your game, anyway. Listen to their criticism. If there is something constructive there, use it to improve yourself.

3. Learn how to handle conflict better. 

Is your typical response to haters one that you aren’t so proud of? Maybe your haters are your sign that it’s time to learn some healthy conflict resolution skills. 

4. Use your haters as a reminder to be humble. 

Biting your tongue is hard when all you want to do is talk back to your haters, but we’re better than that! All your haters want is a reaction out of you, but you don’t have to let them bring you down. Instead, take the high road, and respond to their criticism respectfully and humbly, or not at all. 

5. Learn how to be your own motivator. 

Even when there are haters in your ear or clogging up your feeds, you’re still there to push yourself to be better and to remind yourself who you are. You don’t need a million fans in your corner because your self-support is just enough. So be proud of what you’ve accomplished in your life so far and let the haters keep on hating while you make your moves!

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