It’s Time For You to Emotionally Release Your Ex

Are you really over your ex like you say you are?

You might’ve made some strides in the aftermath of your breakup to move on, but you can never fully heal until you release your ex from your grip. That might sound over the top, but if you feel a twinge of pain when you feel your ex’s name, then you haven’t let go of them yet.

Holding on to hurt feelings, all those ‘what ifs,’ and bitterness, will not serve you, and it definitely won’t hurt your ex. All these negative feelings do for you is continue to impact you negatively, so here’s your sign that it’s time to let go!

Learn to forgive for the sake of yourself and not your ex. Letting go doesn’t mean letting someone off the hook, and it doesn’t mean that you’re erasing the relationship you had with this person. Instead, emotionally releasing your ex means not allowing them to have a hold on you anymore, and it will enable you to finally get the complete healing that you deserve.

When you’re busy being caught up in an emotional entanglement with your ex, you won’t be able to fully love or show up for anyone else that may come along, and most importantly, yourself. So, make the choice today to choose yourself and put your own needs first.

Acknowledge the relationship and all that you took away from it. And if it makes you feel better, you can acknowledge how things ended and each other’s role in that. Then, after you’ve reflected and you’re ready to move on, all you have to do is release.

Let go of all of those unfulfilled memories you hoped to make together. Let go of the pain the breakup brought you, but hold steady on who you’ve turned out to be on the other side of it. It’s time to stop letting our exes have all the power and remember that we’re the ones who gave them the power in the first place.

Reclaim yourself, your space, and your power, and just release.

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  1. Needed this. I don’t hold any hard feelings. Neither of us do. It’s been a hard year and a half or so honestly(since the break up). But I’ve been slowly moving in the direction of self instead of trying to fix what might not be fixable.

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