Movin’ On Up: 4 Soft and Hard Skills You Need to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Now that the country is slowly getting back on its feet, you probably have your eyes set on your next promotion or a brand new job. Now is the perfect time to brush up on your soft and hard skills to help you impress recruiters and your employers. The most successful candidates know how to put these skills on display confidently, and employers undoubtedly look for specific skills in prospective employees.

So, while you’re eyeing that new role, take a minute to reassess your skills. You need to emphasize both your soft and hard skills to win over interviewers and prove to companies why you’re valuable.

The difference between soft and hard skills

Hard skills are the technical skills and abilities that you learned in school or elsewhere. These abilities are typically easy to quantify, whereas soft skills are subjective and harder to quantify. Your soft skills are qualities that might come naturally to you, and they indicate how well you interact with others.

Now that you know the distinction between hard and soft skills, let’s jump into the essential skills you need to help you climb the corporate ladder:

Hard Skill: Project Management

Show your employers that you can tackle any assignment that comes your way with these hard skills. Use metrics to illustrate your accomplishments if you can.

Soft Skill: Adaptability

In 2021, adaptability is king. As a result, companies need employees willing to be flexible and adapt to change with ease.

Hard Skill: Computer technology

It doesn’t seem like there’s an end in sight for remote work, so now is the time to sharpen your technical skills! You must have excellent technical abilities to operate video conferences, remote work, and more in this digital age.

Soft Skill: Teamwork

This might seem basic, but teamwork is essential in almost every office. Show your future employers that you’re not afraid of being a team player by using real-life examples during interviews.

Hone these skills and speak about them confidently in your next job interview! Let us know what other skills should be on the list in the comments below.

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