Navigating Cuffin’ Season: 6 Red Flags and Good Signs You Should Know

Pumpkin-flavored items are poppin’ up everywhere, so you already know what that means: fall has arrived. And with the cooler season comes the best cozy activities like watching Netflix at home, making homemade baked goods, and going to the county fair—all of which make the perfect date with a new boo.

Now that cuffin’ season has officially arrived, here are the red flags and good signs you should look out for as you search for a partner to keep you warm this season!

Red Flag: They’re constantly on their phone during quality time.

The entire point of dating is to get to know someone, so if a person can’t give you the attention and respect upfront, what do you think the relationship will be like later?

Good Sign: They listen to you and take an interest in your life.

Dating is a two-way street, and it takes two to tango. If someone takes an interest in your hobbies and is open to sharing their own, this is a clue that they’re willing to let you into their lives and learn more about yours!

Red Flag: They’re flaky.

We’re all grown here, so there’s just no excuse anymore for someone who consistently backs out of plans at the last minute. Instead, look for someone who respects your time.

Good Sign: They respect your emotional and physical boundaries.

A good partner listens to you and is always willing to respect the ground rules that you’ve laid out. Never settle for someone who tramples over your boundaries!

Red Flag: They repeatedly talk badly about their ex.

If a person consistently brings up their ex for no reason and bashes them, can you imagine what they say about you behind closed doors? This is a sign that they are unable to resolve their feelings and move on.

Good Sign: They’re comfortable talking about their feelings in a safe space.

Emotional intelligence is a major key in any healthy relationship. You have to be comfortable sharing your feelings to work through life’s ups and downs together and grow emotionally intimate with one another.

At the end of the day, dating should be fun. So, get out there, and be safe! Happy cuffin’ season!

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