Moving On: 4 Tips to Help You Heal From a Heartbreak

No matter how it ended or who ended the relationship, breakups are tough. Healing from a heartbreak isn’t an overnight process, to say the least, but with time and some intention, you can get through it. Whether you’re fresh out of your relationship or if you’ve been trying it move on for months, here are 5 tips to help you heal and move forward after a heartbreak.

1. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling.

Healing from a heartbreak 101 requires you to let go and give in to the grief. Despite the reasons why the relationship ended, you’re allowed to express your sadness, resentment, and all the other feelings you have. Suppressing your feelings only makes it harder to let go in the long run.

2. Connect with your support system.

Healing from a breakup can be a lonely experience, so one of the best things you could do for yourself is to surround yourself with loved ones. Your friends and family can remind you of your worth and how much you’re loved, and that’s likely exactly what you need right now. Don’t be afraid to rely on your support system and tell them what you need.

3. Find ways to spend time with yourself.

Breakups are the perfect time for some self-exploration, so make the best of it. Reconnect with yourself, and find joy in doing things for yourself that make you feel happy and expressive. Build new habits and discover new hobbies with your newfound free time!

4. Set boundaries with your ex.

You simply can not move on if you’re still communicating with your ex or scrolling through their Instagram every other day. It’s tempting to check in with them, but you must set healthy boundaries to give yourself space and time to truly heal from a heartbreak.

Healing from a breakup isn’t an easy process, but there will be a day that comes when you hurt a lot less, and eventually, not at all. Just remember to show up for yourself and trust the process.

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