Private, Not a Secret: Maintaining a Private Relationship in the Age of Social Media

Do you want to learn how to be like Issa Rae and keep you and your boo’s relationship low-key till your wedding day? Or are you the type who likes to showcase your partner for the world to see online? Whichever you are, every relationship could use some privacy, despite what social media might make us think.

There’s nothing wrong with posting about your partner, but some things should stay in private, and it’s up to you to determine what that is for your relationship. Not convinced that some things should remain between you and bae? Keep reading to learn three reasons why maintaining privacy online could benefit your relationship!

Don’t get things twisted.

Social media is basically a breeding ground for misinformation, judgment, and gossip, so keeping your relationship low-key online can help you dodge a fire or two. Who cares about ‘he said, she said’ when the most important communication is between you two? So protect your peace in advance by not airing out your relationship’s dirty (or even clean!) laundry online.

This is an A and B conversation.

The communication between you and your partner is sacred, so keep it that way by taking the conversations offline. Not everyone needs to see the ins and outs of your relationship, so keep the sharing to a minimum and determine what parts of your relationship can be shared online together.

Just the two of you.

Your relationship is a special bond between you and another person, so celebrate this bond by keeping it close to you, so it’s protected. Your followers don’t need to know the two of you’s each and every move, because truth be told, you never know who’s rooting for your downfall. So don’t take any chances, and be cautious about what you choose to share online.

Final thoughts

A private relationship isn’t a secret, but it’s a relationship that has healthy boundaries with social media. Remember, you are allowed to keep your relationship intimate and post about it as little or as much as you want.

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