30+ Captions From Summer Walker’s ‘Still Over It’

Tell me how a grown man so childish. Always in Kevin Samuels’ comments – Unloyal

Ain’t no competin’ when it come to spendin’ time with me – Ex For A Reason

No more feelings involved, I done seen all I need to – No Love

Keep that same energy when I find somebody else – Throw It Away

You know I’m a different girl, I come from a different world – Reciprocate

I don’t wanna throw it all away,but you gon’ have to reciprocate – Reciprocate

We lost in translation – You Don’t Know Me

Just pay attention to me for once — you should know my body by now – You Don’t Know Me

I’m hopin’ that it’s worth it —’Cause holdin’ you up is breakin’ me down – Circus

I got that tiger eye, jumpin’ through the flame – Circus

Just a fatal attraction, got my heart doin’ gymnastics – Circus

Now what you in a rush for? – Insane

Do you mean it when you say my name? – Constant Bullshit

Cause I don’t want nobody but you and I used to be on my replacing shit – Switch A Nigga Out

Tell me how a grown man so childish, Always in Kevin Samuels’ comments – Unloyal

Hope to unfeel what we keep on feeling, but you can’t unbreak my broken heart – Closure

Every time I need closure, mess around and get closer to you – Closure

Why you gotta hang your love over my head like that? – Closure

Hesitant to post or flaunt this – Toxic

And I’m with the shit slim thick, early 20s – Dat Right There

I seen the shit I see but no responding – Dat Right There

It’s the shit that bitchеs be hating on (‘Cause they know what it is when I put that on) – Dat Right There

The shit we be doin’ our folks call it screwin’ – Screwin

Excuse my language, that was my alter ego – Screwin

I like how you freak so discreet, not a peep – Screwin

Long as they call your name
You’ll continue to try to play these games – Session 33

I’m broken but I’m beautifully broken. I know you will help me put all of the right pieces together. – Ciara’s Prayer

Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am, I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one. I’m a warrior, I will get up. – Ciara’s Prayer

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