5 Must-Have Black-Owned Beauty Products To Add To Your Collection

Whether you’ve committed to shopping more Black-owned brands or you’re on the hunt for beauty products to try out, now is the perfect time to introduce new items into your routine. From skincare to hair products to beauty, we’ve rounded up five highly-rated products from Black-owned brands that you’ll want to know. So grab your notes, and get ready to discover your new favorite beauty products.

1. Black Girl Sunscreen, $16

If you’re after that glow, then you can’t finish off your daily skincare routine without applying Black Girl Sunscreen. While it’s hard to rely on other sunscreens not to leave a white cast upon application, Black Girl Sunscreen is a crowd favorite for a reason. Count on this SPF 30 to leave your skin feeling moisturized and ready to soak up some rays.

2. Camielle Rose Naturals Honey Leave-In, $14

Honey is one of the best ingredients to keep kinky curly hair moisturized and healthy. This makes Camielle Rose Honey Leave-In an obvious winner when shopping for a new leave-in conditioner. So if you struggle to keep your hair hydrated throughout the way, this honey-leave is the solution to your problems!

3. Topicals Faded, $36

Hyperpigmentation is a skin concern that gets the best of all of us at some point. But thankfully, the Black-owned brand Topicals has come to the rescue with their gel serum that targets the most stubborn dark marks. So try Faded out on your problem areas, and thank us later.

4. Mented Cosmetics Lip Gloss, $15

Looking for the perfect vegan lip gloss that’s smooth and shiny without stickiness? You’ve found your match in Mented Cosmetics Lip Gloss. Their shade range is Black girl friendly, too.

5. Fenty Beauty Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer, $30

Fenty’s bronzer was made for brown skin tones. It instantly adds warmth to the face, as its name suggests, and it makes for a great shade to apply to your eye crease, too. Get the best of both worlds with the Sun Stalk’r Instant Warmth Bronzer!

Which Black-owned beauty product will you be adding to your collection?

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