50+ Captions From Beyonce’s ‘Renaissance’

Beyonce just gave the girlies hella Instagram captions with her new album ‘Renaissance.’

Category: bad bitch, I’m thе bar – Alien

Only the radio could play me – Heated

I pull up in these clothes, look so good – Im That Girl

She’s a god / she’s a hero / She survived / All she been through / Confident / damn, she lethal – Cozy 

Finally I found the smiles – Church Girl

Only a real one could tame me – Heated

Don’t my girls look so yummy, yummy? – Pure/Honey

Ass getting bigger / Racks getting bigger / Cash getting larger – Thique 

I’m warning everybody, soon as I get in this party, I’m gon’ let go of this body – Church Girl

It should cost a billion to look this good – 

This is why I live, sweet moments like this – Move

I’m feeling way too loose to be tied down – Summer Renaissance

Move out the way, I’m with my girls and we all need space – Move

Might I suggest you don’t fuck with my sis – Cozy

I’m one of one, I’m number one, I’m the only one – Alien Superstar

Your face card never declines, my God – Heated

This that Fiji agua, candy girl, piñata – Thique 

This Telfar bag imported, Birkins, them shits in storage –  Summer Renaissance

Bad girls acting raunchy, church girl, don’t hurt nobody  – Church Girl

Put your lighters in the sky, get this motherfucker litty – Church Girl

They got to make a fold out to fit in magazine, right – Thique

Got a lot of bands, got a lot of Hermès on me – Heated

Got a lot of bands, got a lot of Chanel on me – Heated

I been thick, been fine, still a ten, still here, that’s all me – Cozy

I wanna go higher, can I sit on top of you? – Cuff It

Got me actin’ hella thotty. So excited, so exotic – Cuff it

Don’t even waste your time trying to compete with me – Alien Superstar

Such a heathen, why they let me outside? – I’m That Girl

Everything next to me gets lit up too – I’m That Girl

Paint the town red like cinnamon – Cozy

Paint the world pussy pink – Cozy

Yellow diamonds, limoncello glisterin’ – Cozy

I’m too classy for this world, Forever, I’m that girl – Alien Superstar

Drip intravenous – Alien Superstar

Unapologetic when we fuck up the night, fuck up the night. We gettin’ fucked up tonight. We gon’ fuck up the night – Cuff It

Only double lines we cross is dollar signs – Energy

You know that we do it grande – Energy

You know that I’m gon’ be extra – Energy

All this good energy got you all in your feelings – Energy

I’ma let down my hair ’cause I lost my mind – Break My Soul

Ain’t takin’ no flicks, but the whole clique snapped – Break My Soul

Got motivation, I done found me a new foundation – Break My Soul

Nobody can judge me, but me – Church Girl

Twirl that ass like you came up out the South – Church Girl 

I know you can’t help but to be yourself ’round me – Plastic Off The Sofa

I’ll always be your secret weapon in your arsenal – Plastic Off The Sofa

It’s been a lot of years, really thinking you gettin’ one past me? – Heated

He thought he was loving me good, I told him, “Go harder” – Thique

She gon’ shake that ass and them pretty tig old bitties / So get your racks up – Church Girl 

Drinkin’ my water, mindin’ my biz – Heated

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