7 Signs You’re Dating a F***boy

Apparently, in today’s day and age, the dating scene is crazed and deranged. Most don’t know what they want or pretend not to want anything. While others are running scared, some are simply running game. So, let’s get into it, shall we? Here are seven signs you’re dating a f**kboy.

1. He’s way too smooth 

Men who have too much of a way-with-words or don’t show any signs of nervousness or shyness when first meeting you are dangerously enticing. If they are enticing to you, you can rest assured other women feel this way, too. The odds of him basking in that luxury is VERY high. Proceed with caution.

2. He is consistently inconsistent 

This could have been number one! A man that does things frequently or in one way at inception then suddenly switches his behavior is a dude who is likely not to be trusted. It means he’s either gotten what he’s wanted from someone else and is no longer interested, still interested but to a lesser degree, or is currently courting someone else and isn’t comfortable pursuing you to the same degree as before. Either way, you are not a priority for him to show you any consistency–move along.

3. He pushes for sex from the jump

A sex-thirsty man is one who tells you what he wants from you from the beginning: sex. If he immediately offers his “services” before requested, just know that this one comes without a warranty. If you satisfy his request too soon, don’t expect much from him after that. This is the ultimate test for both of you.

4. Things never quite add up

If it doesn’t add up, there’s a reason. If he’s not telling you something, he’s elusive and distant, or he avoids certain topics of conversation, take heed. Secrets are usually the first sign of f**kboy antics, so go with your gut before it’s too late. One plus one will always equal two.

5. His Instagram has more than red hearts 

His Instagram is constantly full of women in the comments battling for his attention. The odds are they’re doing it for a reason. Be careful: he could be sleeping with one or ALL of them. Unfollow alert.

6. He blames you for your real feelings

If “you’re crazy” or “idk what you’re talking about” come out his mouth every time you confront signs 1-5, you definitely have caught yourself a f**kboy. He knows you aren’t crazy, and he knows EXACTLY what you’re talking about. Jet as fast as you can. Mind games are special instruments for the manipulative. 

7. He “never does relationships” 

Chile, men like this, are never in relationships because they NEVER want to be. The F**kboy bottom line. When you get to his point, GET OUT!

The f**kboy lurks everywhere nowadays. We all know at least one or five. Some are intentionally on the prowl, hunting for emotional attachment and/or sex from women just for sport. However, some men (or women, although the f**kgirl is rare) are still figuring it all out, and the women they encounter are simply casualties. You won’t always know their intentions, but you should always know YOUR limits, worth, and how much time you’re willing to waste. You can, and should, always leave when your needs aren’t being met and not one minute later. Always use discernment and self-love when choosing fight or flight. Look out for these signs and stay f**kboy-free!

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