Sneakerheads With No SNKRS: The Reasons Why Nike’s SNKRS App is Not IT

If you’ve attempted to score that latest shoe on Nike’s SNKRS app before, then you already know that it’s a frustrating process that usually leaves you empty-handed. Sneakerheads are unfortunately all too familiar with taking L’s on this app, but if you’re wondering what the SNKRS app is, I’ll tell you.

Nike drops sneaker releases on the app, and some of the releases are in-store and in-app, while others are exclusively on SNKRS. On the day of drops, users join the drawing to bid on a chance to purchase their favorite sneakers, and once the draw ends, people are notified if they took home a pair or not.

The app sounds great in concept, but the problem is SNKRS is notorious for letting sneakerheads down, plain and simple. After a drop, just log onto Twitter and search “SNKRS” to see a long string of tweets from people complaining about the app. From bots to glitches and more, users have a lot to say about SNKRS.

Scrolling through SNKRS’ reviews shows that bots and the inability to bid on shoes are major sore spots for users with complaints. The worst part is, Nike has done seemingly little to nothing to remedy the issues. Sneakerheads know that if you want to cop a pair of shoes, the resale market is your best chance at getting your hands on them.

However, the problem with resellers is that they’re likely to mark up the price by hundreds of dollars. What was once a $120 pair of shoes is now $420. No, thank you. It’s almost as if Nike’s app was made to serve resellers and not the average consumer who doesn’t have access to bots who make swift purchases for them.

To put it simply—Nike’s SNKRS app is not it. Sneakerheads will keep taking L’s, while resellers can use bots to purchase mass quantities of shoes that the average Joe now has to splurge on. Does Nike fuel this culture of scarcity and resellers on purpose? Who’s to say. But one thing is for sure, scoring sneakers on Nike’s app should not be just as hard as trying to win the lottery.

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