Trusting Your Trust Issues: How to Listen to Your Gut When Dating 

Having trust issues is always talked about in a negative context, but who says that unexplainable feeling you get about someone or something can’t work for you and not against you? 

Hear us out. As humans, we all have this valuable gift of intuition, which you may refer to as that “gut feeling” you get in certain situations. Our intuition helps keep us safe from harm, gives us reliable information based on our own experiences, and offers us a leg-up when navigating new situations like dating. 

Trusting your instincts while dating means trusting yourself. 

Have you ever been on a first date with someone where you just knew from the first five minutes that you weren’t going on a second date? That’s your intuition working. 

Listening to that voice in your head can help you avoid unhealthy relationships, so here’s the rundown on how to tap into your intuition while dating: 

1. Meet in person. 

The best way to let your intuition do its thing is by interacting with your new potential match in person. There’s a lot more for your brain to perceive as you interact in real-time, so always plan a meeting as soon as things progress. 

2. Slow down to hear yourself. 

Maybe you just get an inkling of that gut feeling while out and about with someone, so give yourself time to process the interaction afterward. Ask yourself how you feel after taking space away from them, and be honest with yourself.

3. Pay attention to the signs.

Your gut feelings coupled with obvious red flags are all the confirmation you need to remove yourself from a situation. So when in doubt about your intuition, see what warning signs you can spot.

4. Focus on yourself.

The bottom line is trusting your intuition is all about trusting yourself first. Really give yourself the space to focus solely on your desires and what’s best for you, not the other person. 

Dating is hard, yes. But trusting your gut will lead you in the right direction. 

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