5 Realistic Self-Help Habits to Create For Yourself in 2022

We made it y’all. Like every year, 2021 had its ups and downs, but you deserve to give yourself a round of applause for making it to the new year! 

Hopefully, you intend on making this year better than the last, and one sure way to do that is by working on yourself—spiritually, mentally, and physically. Now, if you’re ready to activate your “new year, new me” energy, then let’s actually put in the work! Here are five ideas for doable self-help habits to put into practice in 2022: 

1. Wake up earlier. 

You want to know the secret to getting things done while having more free time? Simply set your alarm for a few hours earlier, and voila! You’ve unlocked more time for yourself just like that. Spend it on a restorative morning routine, or get a head start on your to-do list. 

2. Get fresh air every day. 

We’re still living in COVID times, meaning you’re probably still working from home or not getting out as often. But, even if you only have time for a short walk, being in nature reduces stress, anger, and fear while increasing more pleasant feelings.  

3. Find a form of exercise that you like. 

Working out will be difficult if you’re forcing yourself to do things you don’t like. This is the year of finding ways to exercise that brings you joy because it’ll be much easier to form a habit that way. So pick up some roller skates, take a hike, or find what works for you! 

4. Start budgeting. 

I don’t think we need to explain why budgeting is a form of self-help. If you know that this is an area you need to work on, this is the year to get started! 

5. Journal.

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is the best form of free therapy out there. You can follow journaling prompts or sit down and write whatever comes to mind. This is one sure way to increase your self-awareness this year! 

Which habit are you going to try putting into practice first this year? Please drop a comment and let us know! 

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