Black-Owned First Date Food Spots

Bronze – Wild Pepper Prawns Garlic Chives, red cabbage, apricot jam and pimento seasoning. Sourced from Nigeria or Ecuador depending on the season.

In a world where first dates often become the subject of viral social media conversations, the Cheesecake Factory has unexpectedly taken center stage. A recent viral skit showcased a woman who adamantly refused to step out of her date’s car because he had chosen the Cheesecake Factory as their first-date destination. Social media has since been abuzz with debates, memes, and endless discussions on whether this beloved chain restaurant is an acceptable choice for a romantic rendezvous. Amidst this whirlwind of attention, it’s important to remember that there are countless other exceptional dining experiences waiting to be discovered. Today, we’re shifting the spotlight toward a selection of relatively new and exciting Black-owned restaurants in the DMV area that offer the perfect ambiance and cuisine for unforgettable first dates. These spots range from a food hall for casual dates to an upscale dining experience. Let’s celebrate and support these local gems while exploring delicious options that extend beyond the Cheesecake Factory.

Buss Down DC

Huncho House

Capitol Square Bar



Kitchen + Kocktails

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