Let’s Celebrate Black-Owned Wines

In recent years, the wine industry has witnessed a significant and inspiring movement that celebrates and uplifts the contributions of black-owned wine brands. As consumers and wine enthusiasts alike become more aware of the rich diversity within the wine world, there has been a growing appreciation for the craftsmanship, stories, and cultural heritage behind these exceptional brands. From vineyards rooted in historical significance to winemakers pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, black-owned wine brands have emerged as vibrant expressions of excellence, resilience, and innovation. By raising a glass to these remarkable producers, we not only savor exquisite flavors but also honor black winemakers’ profound influence on an ever-evolving industry that embraces the spirit of inclusivity and representation.

This weekend, we celebrate these Black-owned wine brands at the DC Black Food and Wine Festival.

Michael Lavelle

Suede Wine

Flo Wine

Bent Wine

Cater2U Collection

Six19 Black

Castlebridge Wine

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