Vabbing, the Latest Mating Trend!

Authored by: Kiara Kitchen

One of the latest trends hit the surface of Tik Tok recently, and people are finding themselves SHOOK. Vabbing is the conjunction of two words, vagina, and dabbing. Vabbing is when a woman wears the scent of her vagina like she would perfume. She rubs her vaginal secretion on her neck and wrists. The same places you would apply perfume. It is believed that the pheromones of your bodily fluids will attract a partner and cause sexual arousal. Some people of Tik Tok have claimed to have been “doing it for a week and getting good results”, while the new trend repulses others.

One Twitter user questioned, “Vabbing is a thing?!??? I swear people on the internet make me question their mental health every day.”

Another stated, “what in the entire witchcraft hall of shame is this mess here? This is pure wickedness on top of nasty. Getting a man can’t be that hard sis. #vabbing”

Some people are concerned for their physical health “if ur vabbing n going around not telling anyone I think you should be arrested for biological warfare,” tweeted a critic.”

While Vabbers have begun to swear by it “Elle woods should have been teaching vabbing instead of the bend and snap. It’s more effective,” claimed a Tik Tok user.

So why do people Vab? Pheromones are a form of hidden communication through smell. It is a chemical that an animal produces to change the behaviors of members of the same species.

For example, animals of the same species can smell when another is in heat, which calls for mating. However, there is no scientific evidence that pheromone seduction is possible for humans. Pheromones in humans are most prevalent in axillary sweat. Studies have measured how humans react to pheromones, but some scientists claim they are “weak and uncontrolled”.

The existence of pheromones in humans wasn’t discovered until 1971. It is, in fact, proven- through a six-month study of women housing together – that menstrual cycles in women will begin to sync when being in close gathering with each other for so long.

Ladies and gentlemen, be safe outside! Cupid’s bow may be no match for what today’s love potions and actions have in store for us.

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