You Need Good Credit to Use this Dating App

In today’s dating scene, finding a partner who matches one’s financial stability is increasingly becoming a priority. Have you ever been on a date and thought to yourself, “Whoa, this person is amazing; something has to be wrong; I bet their credit is F**ked Up.” The quest for a financially compatible partner has led to the emergence of a new Black-owned dating app designed exclusively for individuals with a credit score of 675 or higher. This innovative platform, launched by the Neon Money Club—an exclusive community aimed at empowering its members financially—promises to alleviate the worry that one’s date might not be financially responsible. Dubbed Score, this app is not just a matchmaking tool but a movement to emphasize the significance of financial health in romantic relationships.

Score sets itself apart by integrating financial responsibility into the realm of dating. It operates on the principle that financial compatibility is key to a successful relationship, thereby encouraging users to “date their credit score.” Upon signing up, the app conducts a soft credit check to verify the user’s score, ensuring this process doesn’t affect the individual’s credit rating. Importantly, the app maintains privacy and discretion as credit scores are not displayed on user profiles. Instead, the app retains the traditional mechanism of swiping left or right, ensuring that financial criteria do not override the essential human connection.

However, the opportunity to join this unique dating experience is time-limited. Score will be available for approximately 90 days, requiring interested individuals to apply for access within this narrow window. This exclusivity adds to the app’s appeal, underscoring the urgency for those seeking a relationship grounded in financial stability to act swiftly. By offering a platform where financial empowerment and romantic aspirations intersect, Score aims to redefine the criteria for finding a compatible partner in the modern dating landscape.

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